Dark chocolate and raspberry compote mousse

Publication date: 01-Jul-2020


100 g of egg whites
50 g of sugar
200 g of @cordillerachocolates 65%
300 g of milk cream
5 g of unflavored gelatin
Chocolate cake crumbs
Raspberry compote
200 g of raspberry
50 g of sugar

Add the raspberries and sugar in a saucepan and cook in low heat until it forms a syrup.
Place the egg whites in a water bath and add the sugar until it’s dissolved. Be careful to not overheat as the egg whites
can coagulate (Swiss meringue base)
Beat the egg whites and sugar until it forms a meringue.
Activate the unflavored gelatin in cold water, in five times its weight.
Melt the chocolate in the microwave and mix it with the meringue.
Beat the milk cream until midpoint and mix it in an enveloping way with the meringue and the chocolate.
Heat and melt the unflavored gelatin. Add it to the mix.
Place in a glass or ring. If you have chocolate cake crumbs, make a first layer of cake, add the chocolate mousse, put
another layer of cake, and finish with the raspberry compote.
Decorate to your liking.
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