Day of Little Candles

Publication date: 31-Mar-2021


Yogurt, chocolate and roses cream ingredients
  • 30 g Cordillera white chocolate 30%
  • 125 milk cream
  • 2.9 g unflavored gelatin
  • 75 g Greek yogurt
  • 4 g powdered yogurt
  • 15 g rose water
Cream cake ingredients
  • 123 g sugar
  • 99 g eggs
  • 137 g flour
  • 4 g baking powder
  • 127 g milk cream
Anise syrup ingredients
    • 100 g water
    • 75 g sugar
    • 35 g aguardiente (fire-water)
Ginger gel ingredients
  • 175 g water
  • 85 g syrup
  • 15 g fresh ginger
  • 3 g agar agar
Procedure Cream:
    • Heat half of the milk cream and melt the chocolate.
    • At 35 ° C add the other ingredients making sure that everything is homogeneous.
    • Refrigerate about 3 ours and place in a blender until you obtain a mousse texture.
  • Mix all the ingredients cold and cook until boiling point.
  • Strain and let coagulate, break with a blender until a fluid gel forms.
  • Heat the water and sugar to 103 ° C.
  • When it is at 40°C add liquor and reserve.
  • Semi-whip the milk cream and reserve until it is ready for use.
  • Whip the sugar with the eggs until a ribbon forms, add half of the whipped cream in an enveloping way.
  • Add the dry ingredients and finally the remaining cream in an enveloping way. Extend on an oven plate and bake at 180°C for 12 o 15 minutes.
  • Make a cylinder with white chocolate flavored coating, fill with the cream and place a sponge cake the diameter of the cylinder.
  • Soak in the anise syrup and add the ginger gel.
  • Finish filling in layers and close with more chocolate.
  • On the surface use a spaghetti with chocolate to simulate a wick and light for visual appeal.
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