White chocolate and guava fantasy

Publication date: 28-Apr-2021


  • 100 g Nacional de Chocolates Chantilly cream powdered mix120 g cold milk (1) 
  • 250 g Nacional de Chocolates white chocolate covering
  • 200 g cream cheese
  • 500 g room temperature milk (2)
  • Sifted guava Pulp
  • 25 g unflavored gelatin
  • 120 g water
  • Reduce the guava pulp together with the sugar for 20 minutes over low heat.
  • Reserve some of the reduction as part of the decoration.
  • Assemble the Chantilly cream with the milk (1), well refrigerated, add the cream cheese and reserve.
  • Hydrate the unflavored gelatin with water, heat in microwave 20 seconds, reserve.
  • Dissolve the white chocolate covering with the warm milk.
  • Add to the chocolate mix the previously hydrated unflavored gelatin, the guava pulp and Chantilly cream with cheese and homogenize.
  • Place the mix in a mold or a shot glass.
  • To finish decorate with the remaining reduction, whipped Chantilly cream, and chocolate figures.
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