The British Embassy joins the Cocoa Forest initiative

Publication date: 17-Jun-2021


For the purpose of the Green Growth alliance between the United Kingdom and Colombia, ethe UK ambassador, Colin Martin-Reynolds, signed the membership to the Zero deforestation agreement, “Cocoa, Forests and Peace”, of which belongs Compañia Nacional de Chocolates. This act is an international backing to the private sector that works with the communities and forests of the country.


The Zero deforestation agreements are voluntary accords between representatives from the public, private and civil sectors to develop deforestation-free supply chains and are included in Colombia’s National Development Plan, with support from the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture.


The cocoa agreement is made up of important organizations such as the the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), The Rainforest Alliance, Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), Fedecacao, Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, LOK, Mariana cocoa, Chuculat, The Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development, among other entities, and has an important peace component that looks to turn cocoa into a productive alternative in conflict zones.


Thanks to the British Embassies union, the “Cocoa for Life: + Forests for the Amazon” was launched, which seeks to extend the Zero deforestation strategy in the Amazonian foothills region, a prioritized area for its great importance to the ecosystem (the Putumayo and Caquetá rivers originate there, tributaries to the Amazon River) due to the high rates of deforestation and the excellent organoleptic characteristics of the cocoa grown there.


This news is of great importance to Cordillera Chocolates because it confirms once more the work in sustainability carried out, and that impacts the cocoa-chocolate value chain, in line with the global objectives of the United Nations.

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